Tamika Lyles

Tamika was born in Tennessee, where she was raised by her single mother, who worked in two jobs for a living. Having a female presence so strong to guide her, Tamika came to understand that her own passion and work ethic could be a powerful force for change. In her youth, Tamika passed the Tennessee State Board exam to become the youngest certified nursing assistant in the program's history. She volunteered as a Pre-Med student at the largest public hospital in the county and continued her participation in medicine and the community led her to graduate from high school a year early.

Upon obtaining her bachelor's degree, she volunteered to serve in the United States Air Force. Tamika used her training within the medical field to provide medical services to her military family in need. After receiving an honorable discharge from the military, she continued to demonstrate her passion for philanthropy by pursuing her law degree at Birmingham School of Law. Her focus on civil rights, criminal law and fair justice gained her immense attention. She was elected President of the Black Law Students Association after completing only her first year. She was also an active student member of the Alabama Lawyers Association, Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, and chosen to intern with Justice U. W. Clemon, the first African American appointed to Alabama’s Federal Court.. 

Due to her father's illness, Tamika urgently relocated to Florida to assist in his recovery. To make ends meet, she worked in the local school system and completed her Master's degree in Law. While teaching, she noticed the overwhelming number of homeless children and limited resources available. Tamika started a business providing mediation for homelessness prevention. She also took on work with clients who lack the resources to pursue social security and disability claims on their own to create income for those who were unable to work. Motivated by the overwhelming number of unarmed individuals being killed, Tamika founded a non-profit organization specializing in negotiating fair treatment for those who suffered civil rights violations. Once again answering to the needs of the community, she recently founded a political non-profit organization centered around bridging the gap between legislators and the community.

She has further demonstrated her ability to be a trailblazer by becoming the founding President of the Osceola County Democratic Black Caucus. Tamika didn't stop there. She is also the founding Vice-President for the Osceola County Democratic Veteran's Caucus. She is active with her local Democratic Executive Committee, where she sits on the DEC Steering Committee and heads a local precinct to encourage voter turnout.


​Tamika Lyles has proven to be a dedicated mediator, philanthropist, and passionate advocate. Her enthusiasm for social change, avid interest in law and public policy, combined with her multi-level ideas have led her to seek a seat in the Florida House, as a Representative for District 43. Her platform is built around healthcare, education, minimizing poverty, the economy and many other issues that plague communities. She will ensure the voices of the people are represented. The intersection of these issues with human rights, peace, and safety will ensure a stronger economy and happier livelihood for all Floridians.

Sons (left to right): Zerrick. Rico, Trey
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